Breakthrough Living Radio Ministry

Luke 5:17 says "The power of the LORD was (is) present to heal."

The purpose of the Breakthrough Living Ministry is to help people cultivate faith, which will enable them to live a BREAKTHROUGH LIFE!  It is a life that is always advancing, never retreating; always ascending, never descending; and always moving forward, never moving backward.  We believe whole-heartedly at BWC that prayer is the mechanism which can and will produce such a lifestyle.  

You can tune in to 940 AM every Tuesday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM to hear Pastor Truckenmiller share with you the Word of God and to respond to your calls on this live call in prayer radio ministry. If you wish to support this ministry, you can contact Pastor Truckenmiller directly at


The Breakthrough Living Radio Ministry is now broadcasting worldwide!

Tune in EVERY TUESDAY from 12PM-1PM EST to catch Pastor T's Word-filled teaching and call-in prayer program at!